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Making Sound Elder Law Decisions for Your Family

Aging brings with it many challenges, particularly those involving health care and money. If you are facing those challenges but uncertain about what your legal arrangements should be, it’s important to get knowledgeable counsel.

At Whitlock Canter LLC, we help concerned family members tailor a written elder law plan for their loved one. We can guide you effectively in seeking to protect your family’s assets from being consumed by nursing home or medical costs.

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What legal approach makes sense for your situation?

Our firm can meet with your family to establish a personalized and comprehensive elder law plan for your loved one. This elder law plan will incorporate all appropriate and available legal and financial techniques. We establish elder law plans designed to obtain the best medical care that is available while preserving the family’s wealth. In this way, the wealth can be passed to the intended family members. The personalized elder law plan can involve the use of the following.

  • Long-term health care insurance
  • Asset transfer planning
  • Trusts
  • Spend-downs

How does the Deficit Reduction Act affect your family?

President Bush signed the Deficit Reduction Act (DRA) into law in February 2006. This law has affected the eligibility rules of those who make transfers for Medicaid planning. There are also time sensitive “look-back periods” and “penalty periods” that must be considered. It is important to choose an attorney who can help you with all aspects of your elder law needs. Please contact our Paramus law firm today to arrange your consultation.

Elder law/Medicaid planning frequently asked questions