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Paramus Elder Law Attorneys Help Seniors Plan for the Future

Professional assistance with safeguards for your health and welfare

Elder law is the area of our practice focused on protecting seniors from a variety of legal concerns that affect the aging population. At Whitlock Canter LLC, our experienced and knowledgeable attorneys provide reliable guidance for seniors and their children on their options for dealing with loss of physical or mental capacity as well as protecting assets for living and their legacy goals. Our highly professional lawyers listen attentively to your concerns and provide a range of options to cover various contingencies. We understand that certain elder law issues are difficult to consider, so we manage discussions with the utmost sensitivity and professionalism.

Estate planning lawyers focus on elder client concerns

Although every person is different, old age does not discriminate. Eventually, we must all face a decline in health and vitality. Our comprehensive approach to estate planning includes retirement planning, business succession planning, and numerous safeguards for older adults, including:

  • Wills — A validly executed, up-to-date will gives an elder great peace of mind, knowing that, ultimately, their intentions will be honored. We draft, review, and amend wills for clients in Northern New Jersey and New York City.
  • Trusts — A living trust allows elders to enjoy the benefits of property during their lifetime and then pass assets to loved ones at their passing. When assets are held in trust, a trustee can manage finances for the elder, so bills get paid on time and there are no disruptions.
  • Tax issues — Even in retirement, an elder may have to pay income and property taxes. Unpaid taxes due to forgetfulness, diminished energy, or lack of capacity can lead to severe consequences, including property liens, garnishment, bank levies, penalties, and interest on tax debt. We can help elders put mechanisms in place to ensure their taxes are filed accurately and on time.
  • Powers of attorney — Every elder adult should have one or more POAs that allow a trustworthy person to assume authority to act for their health and/or welfare.
  • Advance medical directives — Also known as a living will, this document allows an elder to determine what level of lifesaving intervention they are comfortable with.
  • Medicare gap coverage — We explain the limits of Medicare coverage to seniors and advise them on options, such as long-term care insurance, to protect their assets in the event of a prolonged illness.
  • Medicaid eligibility planning — Medicaid is an important resource for many seniors who require extended stays in nursing facilities. With careful planning, our clients can qualify for Medicaid without having to divest themselves of property and savings.

It is always best to plan ahead for elder concerns, but if there’s no estate plan in place, our attorneys can still provide valuable help for an urgent matter.

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