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Settling an estate can often be a frustrating time for clients. Clients are emotionally drained from losing a loved one and are not anxious to tackle the burdensome paperwork required to settle an estate. Many law firms offer estate administration. However, it is crucial that clients retain a law firm that has specialized estate administration, estate tax knowledge and probate experience. Whitlock Canter LLC takes great care to settle all estates it is retained to administer— filing all required estate and inheritance tax returns in a timely, efficient and professional manner and making sure the client pays the least amount of overall taxes required by law.

Would you like to discuss your probate and estate administration needs with an attorney? Please contact Whitlock Canter LLC to arrange your consultation.

Our firm places a particular emphasis on the importance of having an experienced attorney assist in settling an estate's final affairs. We can help ensure your responsibilities as an executor are met. Additionally, we frequently represent out-of-state clients.

Sensitive to our clients' financial concerns

Legal fees to settle estates can be substantial—especially those estates that have valuation issues that can expose them to estate tax audits. There is a large price range in legal fees which law firms charge executors to assist in settling an estate. Whitlock Canter LLC enters into a customized written fee agreement with the executor of an estate—which fairly reflects the skill, time and effort necessary to efficiently settle the estate. Contact us today to learn more.

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